About us

Irisiome Solutions, a brand fully dedicated to laser

Irisiome, spin off the university of Bordeaux, integrates and markets laser systems for aesthetic and medical applications. To reach a high added value and a strong differentiating factor in the market of medical laser systems, Irisiome’s has strengthen their expertise by developing its own laser source for it to be highly versatile and user-friendly. However it appears to us that this source, by its very innovative architecture, offers also a lot of benefit as a standalone source.

Willing to make the maximum return on investment on its development efforts, Irisiome has created a new brand Irisiome Solutions, to develop and markets our lasers to usual laser users in research or industry.


Our technology

Irisiome develops, manufactures and markets innovative laser systems with electroncally generated pulses. Thank to our unique expertise, we are able to provide an unprecedented flexibility to our laser system.

Indeed, have you ever heard of any laser system that allows at the same time a continuous adjustability of the pulse duration, the repetition rate AND the wavelength? If you don’t believe it, just try one!


Our team

Our team is mainly composed of friendly hardworking people with a strong expertise in fiber lasers. We are also supported by experimented CNRS (French national research institute) researchers from CELIA (Institute for high intensisty lasers) and the french Institute of Optics.



Our partners