Highly flexible picosecond tunable lasers

MANNY fiber laser

MANNY laser familly offers a wide range of performances and turn key operations at high power up to 30 W with very high flexibility. With this product series, Irisiome Solutions demonstrates its know-how in terms of electronic pulse generation and manages to keep a great versatility.

Unique features :

  • Continuously adjustable pulse duration.
  • Narrow bandwidth < 1 nm
  • Repetition rate up to GHz


Pulse duration
Temporal pulse profile at 35 ps, 50 ps, 100 ps, 250 ps, 500 ps, 1ns

The average power stays constant at any repetition rate

The key features are :

  • Very high intensity with pulse duration down to 35 ps
  • User friendly and compact systems
  • Repetition rate, wavelength and pulse duration tunability as options




  • STED microscopy
  • Asychronous optical sampling
  • Non-linear physics
  • Detection

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